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from the w5dbg Notebook

Loops vs. Dipoles: It's time you knew!

Dipoles are open circuited antennas, therefore prone to esd. That noise your hearing might be the antenna itself. This is especially true of yagis and verticals! Loops, especially those made of insulated wire are not prone to esd. Have never heard one do it yet!

Lightning induced currents develop very little across the feed of a loop. The voltages across a dipole's feed can be huge. If your not shorting your feedlines by one method or other, you're asking for trouble. The front end of modern tranceivers is quite vulnerable to the open circuit feed. A loop IS a closed circuit.

There are lower angles possible with loops vs dipoles when working at lower heights above ground. And finally, loops always have current at their midpoint. Dipoles always have current at the middle of the last half wave. Look at a g5rv and you can see why that won't work on 160 no matter the tuned feeders. The loop will make current all around an undersized loop making many more things possible, espcially with twin lead and tuner. Write for details:

Maybe you need 'Clear Speech"

Anecdotal evidence: The first time I heard esd at 20 db over 9, it was my quarter wave vertical during overcast conditions. I was able to light an led by putting it across the coax. There was enough energy flowing from the sky, through the vertical and through the coax to a positive earth to sustain the led at 2 volts and perhaps .020 amp. I probably could have run several calculators all day! Switch to the loop? Bone quiet. I have never been able to light an led with a loop, not from esd, not even from lightning induced currents. w5dbg

There is no such thing as 'noise on the band.' It is always power line noise, esd or local signals generated by tv's, computers, zip drives, touch-tone lamps, lightdimmers, etc. You should be so lucky as to identify the myriad of exciting sounds natural in the universe. In my experience, they are never louder than the first ten decibels below the s meter of a super quiet receiver. The radio signatures of lightning are the exception. They can be devastating. All the rest is man-made. If I'm down in 'the mud', it's your mud, ol' man. dino

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